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Activating Two-Factor Authentication for your Account


Responsive Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) helps safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for users. It provides additional security by requiring a second form of authentication and delivers strong authentication via Google Authenticator or Duo mobile authenticator applications.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Activating Two-Factor Authentication for your Account

    1. Install Google authenticator or Duo Mobile on your smartphone using one of the URLs below:
      • Android:
      • iPhone:
    2. In Responsive, go to My Account, click the Settings tab, then click Generate Secret Key.
      Note: Contact your account manager if you don't see this option
      My Account - Settings.PNG
    3. Scan the QR code through Google or Duo Mobile authenticator to get the verification codes. The new secret key will be regenerated for every 30 seconds.
      Google.png DUO.png
    4. Enter the verification codes consecutively within 90 seconds and click Validate. The account will be connected after validation and you will receive a success message.
      Enter Code.png
    5. Log in to the application as usual using your username and password. Enter the secret key and click Validate. Your start page displays and you can begin working.
      Enter Secret Key.png
  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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