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Are Keyboard Shortcuts Available in Responsive?

The tables below list the keyboard shortcuts available in the application.

Rich Text Formatting Toolbar Shortcuts

Action PC Mac
Bold Ctrl+B Command+B
Italic Ctrl+I Command+I
Underline Ctrl+U Command+U
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Redo Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Y / Command+Shift+Z
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Header 1 Alt+Shift+1 Ctrl+Alt+1
Header 2 Alt+Shift+2 Ctrl+Alt+2
Header 3 Alt+Shift+3 Ctrl+Alt+3
Header 4 Alt+Shift+4 Ctrl+Alt+4
Header 5 Alt+Shift+5 Ctrl+Alt+5
Header 6 Alt+Shift+6 Ctrl+Alt+6
Paragraph Alt+Shift+7 Ctrl+Alt+7
Insert link Ctrl+K Command+K
Find Ctrl+F Command+F


Save Answers

Action PC Mac
Save and Next Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + Enter

The below keyboard shortcuts can be used in Recommendations pane, both Page view and List view: 

Action PC MAC
Go to next question Alt + Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow
Go to previous question Alt + Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow
Advanced Search Alt + S Option + S

Marking Toolbar

The following shortcuts are available for the marking toolbar when importing a file; click into the file in the location you want to mark, then click the appropriate shortcut.

Action PC MAC
Header Alt + h Option + h
Section Alt + s Option + s
Question Alt + q Option + q
Answer Alt + a

Option + a

Description Alt + d

Option + d

Ignore Alt + i

Option + i

Help Text Alt + h

Option + h

Merge Alt + m

Option + m

Split Alt + p

Option + p

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