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Creating Intakes from HubSpot


HubSpot is an add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

The HubSpot integration lets you create intakes from the Deals page.

For information about associating HubSpot deals with Responsive projects, see Associating HubSpot Deals with Responsive Projects.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Creating Intakes from HubSpot

    1. In HubSpot, click Sales and select Deals, then click the deal you want to add as an intake in Responsive.
    2. Scroll down the right-hand navigation pane and click Actions > Create Intake.
    3. Complete the intake form in Responsive, then click Create.

    Viewing the HubSpot Intake in Responsive

    Once the intake form within HubSpot is complete, the newly created intake appears in Responsive.

    To view the HubSpot intake, click Intake from the left-hand navigation menu. The intake appears in the list with an icon indicating the intake came from HubSpot.

  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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