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Associating HubSpot Deals with Responsive Projects


The HubSpot integration allows you to kick off projects directly from any HubSpot Deals page. Once integrated, creating a project in HubSpot immediately triggers a new project request within our application.

  • Project requesters and creators can track the progress of current projects from the same place they submitted them in HubSpot.
  • If a project is not synced, use the HubSpot icon to sync projects individually.
  • Users must have the ability to create projects in Responsive to associate HubSpot Deals with Responsive projects.

For information about creating intakes, see Creating Intakes from HubSpot.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Associating HubSpot Deals with Responsive Projects

    1. In HubSpot, click Sales and select Deals, then click the deal you want to add as a project in Responsive.
    2. Scroll down the right-hand navigation pane and click Create Project.
    3. Complete the project details in Responsive, then click Create.

    Viewing Associated Projects and Project Status in HubSpot

    1. In HubSpot, click Sales and select Deals, then click the deal you want to view the associated projects for.
    2. Click Actions > View all Projects to view all associated projects.
    3. Scroll across the screen to view the project details, including the Project Status column.

    Creating Custom Fields for HubSpot Projects

    You can create custom fields to associate with HubSpot projects.

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Project > Custom Fields and click Add Field.
    2. Select the criteria for the custom field.
      Note: The field values you map in Responsive must match the layout of the field values in HubSpot in order to make sure any changes made in HubSpot reflect in Responsive.
    3. Check the Associate with HubSpot box.
    4. Make a selection from the HubSpot Fields drop-down list, then click Add.
  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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