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Responsive API Documentation


APIs are an add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

Responsive APIs are all REST based APIs. The API URLs have been structure to be predictable and are resource-oriented. They accept JSON-encoded request bodies, return responses that are also encoded in JSON, and uses standard HTTP response codes, token-based authentication and verbs.

API Authentication

To ensure your requests to our API are successful, it is important to provide a valid form of authorization. Responsive uses API key/token-based authentication for security and is required for every API call.

You can create an API token which is associated with your account from My Account > Integration. The token must be passed with every request in the header in the following syntax:

Authorization: Bearer <Your-token>

Note: Replace <Your-token> with the token generated on the My Account page.

For example:

Authorization: Bearer a-d991fe236xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4e4

See the Generate API Token section of Responsive API Authentication to learn more on how to generate an API token.

The application currently supports the following API endpoints:

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