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Microsoft SharePoint Integration Manual


SharePoint is a paid add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

Responsive integrates with SharePoint, a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Configuring SharePoint in Responsive

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Integration > Collaboration and click Configure on the SharePoint tile.
    2. Turn the SharePoint toggle on and provide your SharePoint URL with your root (home) SharePoint site.
      Example: https://<yoursharepointurl>(Example:
    3. Complete the Client ID and Client Secret fields (optional).
    4. Click the Admin Consent Link to provide access to other users in your organization. When the SharePoint login page displays, click Accept.
    5. Click Connect to SharePoint. You will be redirected to the SharePoint login page.
    6. Once connected, select the SharePoint sites and sub-sites the user should be granted access to.
      • By default, users will not be restricted from searching any of the listed sites when no checkbox is selected.
      • If any sites are selected, however, only those sites and selected sub-sites will remain searchable.
    7. Click Submit.

    Verifying Accounts Are Connected to SharePoint

    1. Click Azure Active Directory and select Enterprise applications.
    2. Click All applications.
      • You can see Responsive has been installed after your authentication on the SharePoint application.
      • You can also verify by clicking Responsive selecting Permission to view granted permissions.

    Connecting to SharePoint

    SharePoint can be connected in three ways:

    • From Organization Settings (as described in the previous sections).
    • Using Your Account in Responsive.
    • Using SharePoint search.

    Connecting Using Your Account

    You can connect to SharePoint from Your Account only to initiate the connection; then you can start using it from the question list level.

    1. Go to Your Account.
    2. Click the User Account tab and click Connect to SharePoint.
    3. Go to the question list level and click the Options menu at the top-right corner of the question and select SharePoint Search.

    Connecting Through SharePoint Search 

    1. Go to the question, click More Options, then select SharePoint Search.
    2. Click Connect to SharePoint.
    3. Perform a search; the results are returned from SharePoint.
    4. You can:
      • Hover over the search results to view the Copy icon and paste the response.


      • Click the Advanced Search icon in the Search bar to perform an advanced SharePoint search.
  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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