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Glossary of Responsive Icons


This article lists the icons used in Responsive, helping you become more familiar with the application's visual language.

Icons are organized by module to make them easy to find.

Responsive Icons

General Responsive Icons

This section provides a high level view of the icons available in our application. However, each icon might denote a different action in another page.

mceclip0.png Assign mceclip28.png Summary View mceclip14.png Complete Section mceclip24.png Change to help text
mceclip1.png Clarifications mceclip23.png

Table View

mceclip22.png List View mceclip42.png Import updates
mceclip3.png Comments mceclip24.png Tags mceclip16.png Update Privacy  mceclip43.png Export content
mceclip2.png Customize Column mceclip25.png Download mceclip17.png Add Multiple Sections  mceclip44.png Format content
mceclip4.png  Flag mceclip26.png Preview mceclip18.png Import From Template  mceclip45.png Notify Owners
mceclip5.png  Recommendations  mceclip27.png Add Template mceclip18.png Manage Sub-Sections  mceclip46.png Search and replace
mceclip6.png  Salesforce Search mceclip0.png Add Section  mceclip20.png Update Owners  mceclip47.png Duplicate report
mceclip7.png  Task Assign mceclip1.png Import Template  mceclip21.png Update Collections  mceclip48.png Export used history 
mceclip19.png Apply Answer  mceclip2.png Import Files  mceclip23.png Project notes mceclip49.png Customize metadata
mceclip20.png Override Answer  mceclip3.png Auto Respond  mceclip22.png Description mceclip50.png Enable flag
mceclip21.png Copy Answer   mceclip25.png Company  mceclip23.png Calendar  mceclip51.png Activities
mceclip13.png  Save as template mceclip4.png Project Settings  mceclip24.png Facet Explorer  mceclip52.png Translate
mceclip9.png My Work mceclip10.png In Progress Section mceclip27.png Explore By Tags  mceclip65.png Edit
mceclip1.png Intake mceclip11.png Completed Section  mceclip28.png Explore By Owners  mceclip57.png Reorder questions
mceclip2.png Projects mceclip5.png Merge Tags  mceclip29.png Explore By Project Name  mceclip58.png Answer questions
mceclip3.png Answers mceclip6.png Export Responses mceclip30.png Explore By Collections  mceclip59.png Auto responded question
mceclip4.png Documents mceclip14.png Remove  mceclip31.png Explore by business unit  mceclip60.png Auto responded used and edited
mceclip5.png Catalogs mceclip7.png Project Report mceclip32.png Explore by language mceclip61.png Answer library used
mceclip6.png Sections mceclip10.png Preview Responses  mceclip33.png Explore by moderators mceclip62.png Answer library used and edited
mceclip7.png Templates mceclip8.png Share Project Responses mceclip34.png My work mceclip63.png Deactivate
mceclip8.png Reports mceclip9.png Update Stage mceclip35.png Team Work mceclip64.png Delete
mceclip15.png Team Members mceclip11.png Filter  mceclip36.png Insights mceclip55.png Expand all questions
mceclip16.png Bulk Update mceclip12.png Attach Files  mceclip37.png Saved Searches mceclip66.png Executive dashboard
mceclip17.png Answer Updated in Library mceclip0.png Export mceclip38.png Pending moderation mceclip67.png User Report
mceclip18.png Go to overview  mceclip4.png Salesforce Linked  mceclip26.png View All Content mceclip68.png Email Report
mceclip19.png More Options mceclip12.png Answer Type Template  mceclip40.png Privacy mceclip69.png Open task report
mceclip13.png More Options mceclip16.png View Properties  mceclip41.png Star rating mceclip70.png Answer Library report
mceclip20.png Accept/Reject mceclip17.png Preview Template/Section  mceclip22.png Tasks mceclip71.png User login activity report
mceclip39.png  Bulk update   mceclip72.png Application usage report/Content usage report

My Work Icons 

Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip0.png Invite Team Members mceclip1.png Create Project
mceclip2.png Notifications count  mceclip3.png  Sorting

Intake Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
 mceclip4.png Customize Column  mceclip5.png Accept/Reject Intake  mceclip6.png More menu options
 mceclip7.png Microsoft CRM linked Intake  mceclip8.png Salesforce linked Intake  mceclip10.png/mceclip9.png List View/ Table View

My Projects Icons 

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip0.png Search project  mceclip1.png Record time mceclip2.png Quick Menu
mceclip3.png Auto respond mceclip4.png Project settings mceclip5.png Merge tags
mceclip6.png Import files mceclip7.png Export responses mceclip8.png Project report
mceclip9.png Preview responses mceclip10.png Share project responses mceclip11.png Update stage
mceclip12.png In Progress project mceclip13.png View Project overview mceclip14.png This project has one or more updated answers in the Answer Library
mceclip17.png  Bulk Update  mceclip15.png  Project is available offline  mceclip16.png  Sections count
mceclip18.png Project due date crossed mceclip0.png Team size, Project owner name mceclip1.png More options
mceclip19.png Project not yet reached the due date Progress_Bar_Incomplete.png Project completion percentage mceclip21.png  Descriptive Proposal project
 mceclip22.png Salesforce linked project  mceclip23.png Microsoft CRM linked project mceclip24.png  Archived date
mceclip25.png List View  mceclip26.png Summary View  mceclip0.png Reopen project 
mceclip27.png Table View mceclip28.png Customize Column mceclip29.png View Sections
mceclip30.png View My questions mceclip31.png View all questions mceclip32.png Complete project
mceclip42.png Cancel project mceclip34.png Archive project mceclip35.png Delete project
mceclip36.png Clone project mceclip37.png View all questions mceclip38.png Generate new export response
mceclip39.png Unarchive mceclip40.png Download archived project's export response mceclip41.png Completed Project
mceclip0.png Sections count mceclip1.png Open tasks count mceclip2.png Open clarification count
mceclip3.png Team member count mceclip4.png Project due date  mceclip5.png  Time spent in project
mceclip6.png/mceclip10.png Add section mceclip8.png/mceclip11.png Import from template mceclip9.png/mceclip12.png Import project file
mceclip7.png/mceclip10.png Add multiple sections
mceclip13.png Tags mceclip14.png Comment mceclip15.png Flag
mceclip16.png Attach files mceclip20.png Properties mceclip21.png Activities
mceclip17.png Import Clarification mceclip18.png Export Clarification mceclip19.png Expand all
mceclip22.png/mceclip23.png Document type mceclip24.png Download file mceclip25.png Preview file
mceclip28.png Update file mceclip29.png Rename file mceclip26.png View Properties
mceclip30.png Sign document mceclip27.png View File Configuration
mceclip31.png Filter comments mceclip32.png Comments on question mceclip33.png Comments on section
mceclip34.png Attach file mceclip35.png Send comment mceclip36.png Add new comment
mceclip37.png Add topic
mceclip38.png Sort task mceclip39.png View task mceclip40.png Filter task
mceclip42.png View by all tasks/lists mceclip43.png View by calendar mceclip44.png View by Gannt chart
mceclip41.png Export task mceclip45.png Add task mceclip22.png Task start date
mceclip23.png Task due date reached mceclip46.png Task due date mceclip47.png Task progress
mceclip48.png Checklist mceclip49.png iCalendar mceclip50.png Google Calendar
mceclip51.png Outlook calendar mceclip52.png Comment on task mceclip53.png Edit task
mceclip54.png Delete task mceclip55.png Task completed mceclip56.png Reopen task
mceclip58.png  More options mceclip59.png  Remove User mceclip60.png  Project primary contact
mceclip61.png  Add user mceclip62.png  Message user mceclip63.png  Users
mceclip57.png Active users, Active (Pending Verification), Inactive (verified), Inactive (Pending Verification), Total users respectively.
mceclip64.png Filter    mceclip65.png Export   
Linked Issues
mceclip66.png  Open in Jira mceclip69.png  Unlink issue mceclip70.png  Comment on issue
mceclip67.png  Create new issue mceclip68.png Link existing issue   
Project Notes
mceclip73.png  Add project notes mceclip72.png  Filter  mceclip71.png  Export

Project Sections Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip2.png Clarifications mceclip3.png Comments mceclip5.png Answer Library settings/ Save to answer library turned OFF.
mceclip6.png Clarification count mceclip7.png Comments count mceclip4.png Answer Library settings/ Save to answer library turned ON.
mceclip21.png Review Pending mceclip10.png More Options mceclip9.png Click to Flag
mceclip8.png Review completed mceclip11.png Attach Files mceclip18.png Mark as answered
mceclip66.png Mark as reviewed (will be displayed only after marking the question as answered) mceclip15.png Tags mceclip12.png Marked as Answered
mceclip13.png Reviewed mceclip14.png Authors  mceclip16.png Question completed
mceclip17.png Answer library used (updated content available) mceclip20.png Answer Library Used and Edited mceclip19.png

Answer Library Used and Edited (updated content available)


mceclip36.png View Section Properties/ Section Description mceclip25.png Preview Section mceclip26.png

Merge Tags

mceclip27.png View Source File mceclip29.png Answer Type Template mceclip30.png

Manage Sub sections

mceclip31.png Update Privacy mceclip32.png Assign to Guest mceclip33.png

Save as template

mceclip65.png Submit for Review mceclip35.png Reorder Question mceclip37.png

Answer Questions

mceclip64.png Auto respond mceclip38.png

Assign Reviewer/

Assign Author


Remove Reviewer/

Remove Author

 mceclip28.png  Recommendations  mceclip40.png  Activities  mceclip41.png


mceclip42.png Project Notes mceclip43.png Jira mceclip44.png

Change to Help Text/Description

 mceclip46.png  Section List mceclip45.png SharePoint search mceclip47.png Salesforce search
mceclip34.png Reassign to author

Recommendations Pane Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon  Description
mceclip48.png More options mceclip49.png Customize Metadata in recommendations pane mceclip50.png Open recommendations in new window.
mceclip51.png Apply the answer mceclip52.png Override the answer with the recommendation mceclip53.png Copy the recommended answer
mceclip62.png Pending Review mceclip61.png View Properties mceclip59.png Used Count
mceclip55.png Updated Date mceclip56.png Content Score mceclip54.png Review Past Due
mceclip60.png Page view mceclip57.png Translate mceclip63.png Comments
mceclip58.png Add alternate question

Answer Library Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip14.png Company mceclip15.png Facet Explorer mceclip16.png Add new content
mceclip29.png Add new Q&A pair mceclip30.png Upload document mceclip18.png Search/Advanced search
mceclip17.png View all content mceclip19.png Explore by tags mceclip20.png Explore by project name
mceclip21.png Explore by collections mceclip22.png Explore by Language mceclip23.png Explore by moderators
mceclip24.png Explore by supported languages mceclip25.png My work mceclip26.png Team work
mceclip27.pngmceclip1.png Insights mceclip28.png Saved searches mceclip0.png Translation queue
mceclip2.png Pending review mceclip3.png Pending moderation mceclip4.png More menu options
 mceclip5.png Content score mceclip6.png Star rating mceclip7.png Unique Question ID
mceclip8.png Used count mceclip9.png Comments count mceclip10.png  Sort alphabetically
mceclip11.png Sort numerically mceclip12.png Comments mceclip13.png Copy response
mceclip14.png Edit response mceclip15.png/mceclip20.png View Properties mceclip16.png Edit response
mceclip17.png Enable Flag  mceclip28.png Q&A pair has multiple owners mceclip18.png Share Q&A pair
mceclip19.png More Options mceclip27.png Content pending review mceclip24.png Link
mceclip21.png View Similar mceclip22.png Activities mceclip23.png Clone
mceclip29.png Has attachments mceclip25.png Translate mceclip26.png Expand all questions
mceclip30.png Locked from editing mceclip31.png Customize metadata mceclip32.png Review past due date

Answer Library Properties Pane

mceclip33.png Open in new window mceclip34.png Activities
Answer Library Comments 
mceclip36.png Attach files mceclip37.png Send/Enter comment mceclip35.png Filter Comments
Answer Library Search
mceclip38.png Apply Search mceclip39.png Delete Search 
Answer Library Link 
mceclip40.png Belongs to different linked groups
Answer Library Edit
mceclip41.png Save edit mceclip42.png Cancel edit
Answer Library Share 
mceclip43.png Q&A pair shareable link

Document Library Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip0.png Add files mceclip1.png No owners assigned mceclip2.png Preview
mceclip3.png List view mceclip4.png Thumbnail view mceclip10.png Update shared business units
mceclip9.png Update tags mceclip8.png Update owners mceclip7.png Update collections
mceclip6.png Export metadata/Download file mceclip5.png bulk share/Share mceclip11.png Activities
mceclip12.png Update file mceclip13.png View Properties mceclip14.png Tags

Catalogs Icons

Icon Description
mceclip15.png Create new catalog
mceclip17.png More options menu
mceclip16.png Sort

Section Templates Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip18.png Section List mceclip30.png Group List mceclip31.png Template properties
mceclip28.png Add template mceclip29.png More options menu mceclip20.png Preview template
mceclip21.png Edit template mceclip22.png Manage subsections mceclip23.png Section comments
mceclip24.png Update owner  mceclip25.png Attach files mceclip32.png Descriptive proposal template
mceclip27.png Update collections mceclip19.png Tags/ Update tags mceclip26.png Delete template

Response Templates Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip36.png Download template mceclip34.png Active Template mceclip38.png Deactivate Template
mceclip35.png Tags mceclip33.png Inactive Template mceclip39.png Sort template
mceclip37.png Activate Template

Reports Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip0.png Executive Dashboard mceclip1.png Custom Dashboards/Reports mceclip2.png User Report
mceclip3.png Email Report mceclip4.png Open Task Report mceclip5.png Answer Library Report
mceclip6.png User Login Activity Report mceclip7.png Content Usage Report mceclip8.png Application Usage Report
mceclip9.png Answer Library Search Terms Report mceclip10.png Filter Report mceclip11.png Export Report
Answer Library Search Terms Report
mceclip12.png Searched keyword
Content Usage Report
mceclip13.png More Details

Organization Settings Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
User Management
mceclip0.png Customize column mceclip1.png More Options mceclip2.png User Activities
mceclip4.png Force reset password mceclip3.png Update user profile/email mceclip5.png Send message to user
mceclip6.png Chat with the user mceclip8.png Roles compare view mceclip7.png Roles list view
mceclip9.png Clone role
mceclip10.png Comment enabled for linked companies mceclip11.png Resend Link request mceclip12.png Delete link request
mceclip13.png Dictionary active mceclip14.png Dictionary deactivated mceclip15.png Export dictionary
mceclip16.png Import Dictionary mceclip17.png Clone dictionary mceclip19.png Activate dictionary
mceclip18.png Deactivate dictionary mceclip20.png Select user to add to MS Office companion mceclip21.png Remove user added to MS Office companion
Business Units
mceclip22.png Update Users
mceclip23.png System defined custom field mceclip24.png Salesforce linked custom fields mceclip25.png Microsoft CRM linked custom fields 
mceclip26.png Import updated content tags mceclip27.png Export updated content tags  mceclip28.png View custom field details
mceclip29.png Active Project type mceclip30.png Inactive project type mceclip31.png Edit project type
mceclip29.png Active stage mceclip30.png Inactive stage mceclip32.png Track stage duration
mceclip29.png Active project note mceclip30.png Inactive project note mceclip33.png Hubspot linked custom fields 
Email Templates
mceclip34.png Preview email template
mceclip26.png Import catalog structure mceclip27.png Export catalog structure mceclip35.png Sort catalog structure by name
mceclip37.png Mandatory metadata mceclip38.png Non-mandatory metadata mceclip36.png Sort proposal group by name
  mceclip39.png CRM   mceclip40.png Cloud Storage mceclip41.png Collaboration
  mceclip42.png Issue Tracking       
mceclip48.png Sync Salesforce data and update all associated fields mceclip43.png Test connection to Salesforce  mceclip45.png Remove Salesforce connection
Microsoft Dynamics
mceclip44.png Test connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM mceclip46.png Remove Microsoft Dynamics CRM connection
Issue Tracking
mceclip47.png Remove JIRA account connection
Content Library
mceclip49.png Custom fields mceclip50.png Content review cycle mceclip51.png Collections
mceclip52.png Tags mceclip53.png Backup  mceclip54.png Preferences
mceclip55.png AL Standard response mceclip56.png AL related words mceclip58.png Widgets
mceclip59.png Collection shared to partner company mceclip63.png No user assigned to collection mceclip60.png Update users
mceclip61.png Update primary business unit mceclip62.png Update shared business units mceclip64.png All users in collection
mceclip65.png Sort tags mceclip67.png View export configuration in backup mceclip66.png Download backup file
mceclip29.png Active widgets mceclip30.png Inactive widgets mceclip68.png Deactivate widget
mceclip20.png Select widget metadata mceclip21.png Remove widget metadata mceclip69.png View Widget
mceclip70.png View widget code mceclip72.png Copy widget code mceclip71.png Sort widgets
Workflow Services
  mceclip0.png Manage Workflow   mceclip29.png  Active workflow mceclip30.png  Inactive workflow
mceclip75.png Draft workflow   mceclip69.png View workflow mceclip73.png Clone workflow
mceclip74.png Workflow history
mceclip76.png Answer Library Backup Notification mceclip77.png Moderation and review notification mceclip78.png Overdue tasks alert frequency
mceclip79.png IP Restriction mceclip80.png Password Policy  mceclip81.png SSO
mceclip82.png SCIM mceclip83.png Session Timeout mceclip84.png Sign In Restriction
mceclip85.png Sign Out Restriction   

eSignature Icons

Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
mceclip86.png Send for signing mceclip87.png Audit log mceclip88.png Download file/download with log
mceclip89.png Unable to convert file to PDF mceclip90.png Add PDF file mceclip91.png Signable file
mceclip92.png Digital Signature pane mceclip93.png Recipients mceclip94.png Recommendations
mceclip95.png Signature mceclip96.png Initials mceclip97.png Text
mceclip98.png Date mceclip99.png Checkbox mceclip100.png Drag and Reorder
mceclip101.png Signer mceclip102.png Decline document mceclip103.png Void document
mceclip104.png Fields assigned for your action

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