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From RFPIO to Responsive - FAQs


Welcome to our FAQ page. Listed below are some general answers to questions you may have about our rebranding efforts—changing from RFPIO to Responsive. We also have some Q&As that address your customer experience and product.

If you still have additional questions after reviewing this article, you can reach out to our Customer Success team anytime.


Why is RFPIO changing its name to Responsive?

Founded in 2015 as RFPIO, our company’s first goal was to streamline the RFP process with better software. Our best-in-class, automated approach has revolutionized the way leading organizations respond to—and win—more RFPs. 

Even in the early days, we had a larger vision for what our technology was capable of. If we can fix a broken RFP process, why not solve the other significant challenges organizations face related to managing complex information requests?

Today, as Responsive, we simplify all of the strategic response management processes that are critical to your success, helping your organization to accelerate growth, mitigate risk and increase efficiency

How is the Responsive logo and branding different from RFPIO?

The Responsive logo is a trefoil form, which means it’s a threefold shape. It symbolizes three core aspects of our offering:

  • Responsive, the platform
  • Response teams
  • Request teams

The Responsive brand expands on the RFPIO brand. Strategic response management is about more than fixing a broken RFP process. It’s about transforming the way organizations share and exchange information.

What other changes can I expect?

Our new website is The platform and people behind the brand remain the same. The company’s visionary platform and approach to Strategic Response Management use cases are developed to serve one purpose: deliver the most value possible to customers. That commitment also applies to customer success, consulting, professional services and all programs Responsive offers.

What is strategic response management (SRM)?

SRM is a new software category that is defined as “the practice of responding to complex information requests from buyers, customers, partners and other parties using a software platform that centralizes the organization’s most valuable content and documents.”

Customer Experience

How will the rebranding impact current RFPIO customers?

Current customers will notice that all RFPIO properties will be renamed as Responsive (e.g., “” will migrate to “,” “RFPIO University” will be known as “Responsive Academy,” etc.). Email domains for your Responsive contacts will also be, but existing addresses will still be valid for the foreseeable future. 

All products and services continue as normal.

Will there be any changes to the product?

Company name references and brand elements in the product UI will be updated over time. For example, the default RFPIO logo and the “Powered by” message in the footer will be updated. All feature updates are launched in the quarterly releases.

What other changes can I expect?

Our mission as Responsive is the same as it was as RFPIO: To build the world’s most powerful information exchange platform. Expect continued agility in product development, a modern best-in-class user experience and unmatched service and support.

Will there be any changes to pricing or billing?


Will there be any changes to the terms of service?


How should I contact support?

You can continue to submit support requests using our Submit a Request form, email, or chat by logging into Responsive and selecting Get Help, Chat with us.   

Do I need to alert my billing/legal team of this change?

If your billing or legal teams normally receive emails directly from us, then we have already notified them of this change. If you forward our emails to your billing/legal teams, then you will need to notify them that we are not changing our EIN or legal entity. Since we are not changing our EIN, no new W-9 is required. We are adding a name that better reflects our vision and product suite. We are RFPIO Inc, DBA Responsive. We will accept payments written to either name.

Will my login or access to the platform change?


Will the RFPIO University certificate that I earned still be valid? Will it be updated?

Yes, your certificate is still valid. Certificates, which are shown on LinkedIn, will be automatically updated to reflect the Responsive Academy name and brand.


Will there be any changes to the product?

All product services will continue as expected. However, we will update minor brand elements in the product UI. For example, the default RFPIO logo will change to the Responsive logo and the “Powered by” message in the footer will be updated.

Will there be a change to the application URL?

The application URL will remain * at this time. This also means there will be no changes to any of the SSO configuration.

If users have bookmarked application pages, will these need to be updated?

No. Application URLs will remain the same. Bookmarks will not be impacted.

Will our customers have to reconfigure any integrations?

No. Besides brand changes, integrations will remain the same. No updates or reconfigurations required.

Will there be any impact to APIs?

No. APIs and API endpoints will remain the same.

Are there any other product-related impacts?

Our brand will be updated in all third-party application marketplaces (e.g., CRM and LookUp).  Functionally, however, there are no changes to the application or the integrations.

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