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Creating Task Templates


You can create task templates to help you assign tasks when you create projects. By default, the tasks will be assigned to the owner specified in the template, but you can change them when you create the project.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Creating Task Templates

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Project > Task Template and click Create New.
    2. Enter a name for the task, select the owner, specify the start and due dates, priority, and description.
      • You can specify the task’s actual start and due date from the drop-down options. Once the task is added to the project. You can select from the options displayed below.
      • For example, if you have set the task to be created 5 days after a project, and the task is added to the project after 6 days, the task will start immediately. However, if it is added 3 days after project creation, the task will start 2 days later, that is 5 days after project creation. The same is applicable for before/after project due date as well. However if task is set as a part of project workflow, it is expected to be added to the project along with project creation.
    3. To add a checklist, click Add new check list. You can create multiple checklists.
    4. To create this task along with project creation (if selected as a part of workflow services), select the checkbox. You can then select the project type from the list for which the task has to be created.
    5. Click Create. The Task template is created and will be available for selection during project creation.

    Using Task Templates for Projects

    You can create tasks for projects from scratch or by importing them from Task templates. To create a project task from templates:

    1. Go to the Sections page of the project and select Tasks from the left side menu.
    2. Click + Add Tasks and select Import from Template.
      Add Tasks Menu.png
    3. Select the tasks you want and click Add. The tasks will appear on the task list.
      • You can add the task to iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook by selecting the menu for the task, selecting Add to calendar and choosing the calendar you want to use.
        Add to Calendars.png
      • You can add comments by clicking the task. The right pane will appear with the task's properties. Click the Comments tab to enter your comment, then click Send.
        Task Comments.png
      • You can edit or delete the task by clicking the Menu icon menu icon.PNG and selecting Edit or Delete from the options.
        Note: While editing you can assign the task to any other project team members.
      • You can click the Checkmark to mark the task as complete.
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