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Creating Proactive Proposals with Proposal Builder


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The Responsive Proposal Builder provides a way to proactively create structured documentation using building blocks of catalogs, section templates, and response templates.

This article refers to the proposal builder feature within the application. For the Salesforce version, see Working with Salesforce Proposal Builder.

You want to use pre-built content commonly included in multiple proposals, create an unsolicited document for selling to customers, or generate a Statement of Work (SOW) based on a set of requirements.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Creating a Proposal Builder Project Type

    To get started, a new project type must be created. To create a new project type:

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Project > Type, then click Add New.
    2. Fill out the project type details.

      • For the Type, enter something like Proposal Builder.
      • Under Project Format, select the Proposal Builder radio button.
      • For the Status, select the Active radio button.
      • Choose a background and foreground color.
    3. Click Save.

    Creating Section Templates

    Section templates are pre-written sections and content that can be re-used in proposals. To create a section template, see Working with Section Templates.

    Catalog merge tags (see the Creating a Catalog Structure section below) can also be used within section template content. For example, you can create a section template for Products Offered.

    Enter your intro content, then type a left bracket and select from the list of merge tags ([catalog#pp#ProductDesc], for example):


    The merge tag is then automatically populated with the appropriate content upon generating a proposal.

    Creating Response Templates

    Response templates are needed to define styles and formatting for the finished proposal. To create a response template, see Working with Response Templates.

    Creating a Catalog Structure (Optional)

    Note: Catalogs are not required to use Proposal Builder.

    Catalogs can be used to group products and services. In order to create catalogs, a catalog structure must be created first. A catalog allows you to reduce the overall number of section templates when your section templates have variations based on different factors (such as products and services, industries/verticals, or segments).

    To create a catalog structure:

    1. Go to Organization Settings > CONTENT LIBRARY > Catalog Structure, then click Create New.
    2. Enter a name for the catalog structure, then define the catalog merge tags under the Structure Elements tab. Structure elements give you the flexibility to set your own fields that are included in catalogs (such as product description or product cost).
    3. Enter the Tag Name and select a Type for each element (such as Rich Text, Text, Numeric, or Formula). The display name automatically populates based on the tag name.
      Note: See Creating and Managing Catalogs for more information.
    4. Click Create.

    Creating Catalogs (Optional)

    You can create catalogs for each of your company’s products and services as needed once the catalog structure is built.

    1. From the Content Library, click New and select Catalog.
    2. Complete the information as follows:
      1. Select the catalog structure created earlier from the Catalog Structure drop-down menu and enter a catalog name in the Catalog Name field (the Display Name field automatically populates based on what is entered in this field).
      2. Select Business Units if business units if applicable and add owners and tags as needed.
      3. Fill out the rest of the fields based on the elements created while building the catalog structure.
    3. Click Create.

    Creating Proposal Groups (Optional)

    Once your templated content has been created, you can group them together using proposal groups:

    1. Go to Organization Settings > PROPOSALS> Proposal Groups, then click Create New.
    2. Do the following:

      • Enter a name for the proposal group.
      • Under each corresponding section, select the catalog(s), section template(s), and response template(s) to associate with the proposal group.
      • To automatically include content while generating a proposal, pre-select items by clicking the Star icons.
    3. When finished, click Create.

    Generating a Proposal

    To generate a proposal with all the items you created earlier:

    1. Select Projects from the App Launcher menu and click New Project, then select Create a New Project.
    2. Select the project type created earlier from the Project Type drop-down list.
      Select Project Type.png
    3. Do one of the following:
      • If you've create proposal templates, select the group created earlier from the Proposal Template section. This can be used to automatically include catalogs, section templates, and response templates that are part of the group.
      • If you haven't created proposal templates, under each corresponding section, select catalog(s), section template(s), and response template(s) to include.
        Note: Sections can be rearranged under the Table of Contents section.
    4. Click Generate Proposal. A preview screen appears.
    5. Review the proposal, then click Generate.

    Downloading the Final Proposal

    To download the final proposal, click Menu and select Export Responses.


    See Exporting Active Projects for more information. 

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