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Creating Custom Roles


Custom Roles is add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

In addition to the default user roles, Custom Roles can be created to further customize and restrict access within your organization, allowing for maximum flexibility.


Only the Super Admin can create or edit Custom Roles.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Creating Custom Roles

    1. Go to Organization Settings > User Management > Manage Roles and click New Role.
    2. Enter a name and description for the role.
      Note: While adding a new user, you can view the permissions assigned to a user role by clicking the Information icon associated with the role in the Roles drop-down list.
    3. Toggle on the module name to enable that module for this role. For Projects and the Content Library, each role can be given access to All or My.
      Note: You cannot edit the default Responsive roles permissions. However, you can edit the name of the default Responsive roles.
      • If All is selected, the user associated with this role will have access to all projects/contents.
      • If My is selected, the user associated with this role will have access to only his/her projects/contents.
      • This table describes the access given when toggling on the module name.
    4. Select the checkbox associated with the permission to associate it with this role.
      Note: If you are creating a custom role where the user can upload content that needs to go to moderation before it goes into the Content Library, see Setting Up and Using Library Moderation.
    5. Click Create Role. The created role will be displayed in the Manage Roles page. When creating new users, all available roles (including the newly added one) appear in the Role drop-down.

    Cloning Roles

    You can create a custom role based on an existing role by cloning an existing role.
    Note: See Custom Role Permissions for more information on the various roles and permissions required for a user to access the different features in Responsive.

    1. Click the three-dot menu associated with the role to be cloned and select Clone.
    2. Make the required modifications and click Clone Role. The role will be cloned and displayed in the Manage Roles page.
  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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