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Connecting to Multiple Salesforce Instances


This is an add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

You can integrate multiple Salesforce instances with your Responsive instance. You can use these separate integrations simultaneously while creating projects and intakes in Responsive. This articles describes how to set up multiple Salesforce integrations, and how to link projects and intakes created in Responsive to the correct Salesforce instance and object.

Your organization needs to leverage two separate instances of Salesforce for different geographical locations, lines of business, or sales pipelines. In this case, you can connect each instance of Salesforce to a single instance of Responsive. Once connected, your project manager can create projects and have access to data living across each instance of Salesforce, giving you the ability to associate your active project with the correct opportunity.


  • Users must be Salesforce Admins with Admin Level permissions to complete the integration.
  • Before you can create new instances, you must contact our Support team to have the Add New button enabled.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Integrating Multiple Salesforce Instances

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Integration > CRM and click Configure on the Salesforce tile.
    2. Turn on the Salesforce toggle and click Submit.
      Note: By default, you can find one instance mapped to your company. You can modify the details if necessary.
    3. To add a new instance, click Add New.
      Note: Contact our Support team to enable the Add New button if you do not see it.
    4. Enter the required details such as name, sync interval, and Salesforce URL. If you have Business Units (BUs) enabled, specify the details as needed.
      Note: Once a BU is specified, the new instance will be available only for that BU. You can create multiple instances for the same BU.
    5. Click Connect to Salesforce and Publish Data For Reporting. Once connected, the following page displays:
    6. Select the checkbox associated with Publish Export Response Package to Salesforce.
    7. Select the checkbox associated with Connect using Admin account instead of individual user account.
      Note: If this is not selected, the created Salesforce instances will not display when creating projects, intakes, or custom fields.
    8. Select the object type for project association.
    9. Turn on the toggle to enable the instance, then click Submit.

    You can create Salesforce projects and intakes for this instance directly from the Responsive app for specific BUs. You can modify or delete the created instances any time.

    Creating Salesforce Projects from Responsive

    As a best practice, we recommend connecting your projects in Responsive to Salesforce whenever you can. Follow the steps below to connect a Responsive project to a Salesforce instance, and the correct object type within that Salesforce instance.

    1. Login to Responsive and select Projects from the left navigation pane. The Projects page displays. Click Create New.
    2. Click the Salesforce mceclip7.png icon to associate the project with Salesforce. The Salesforce Details page displays.
    3. Select the instance that the project should be mapped to from the Choose Instance drop-down list (all instances created for the selected BU are listed).
    4. Select the Object Type.
    5. Use the Search box to search for the object name and select it.
    6. Click Add. The project name is populated with the object type you selected from Salesforce.
    7. Enter the remaining details and create the project. Once created, the project displays in your Salesforce account.
  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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