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Configuring Account Syncing Between Responsive and Salesforce


Our Salesforce integration enables unidirectional syncing from SFDC to Responsive.

For example, you have Bid Score as a custom field in both Salesforce and Responsive, and Project Stage as a custom field in Salesforce but a out-of-the-box (OOTB) field in Responsive. Since an opportunity record can apply to multiple projects or intakes:

  • If you link a Salesforce field to a Responsive field it pulls that information into each Responsive project.
  • If you update the field in Responsive, the change does not reflect in Salesforce since the field came from the opportunity and not the project.
  • This applies to both the Bid Score and the Project Stage fields; the line items in each will not be synced from Responsive to Salesforce.
  • However, since you can view the project stage in the Visualforce object, you can view the proper stage for each individual project tied to the opportunity.


Users must have the System Administrator privilege in Salesforce and Company Administrator privilege in Responsive to complete the installation.

Select the applicable tab for your edition of Responsive.

  • Account Level Syncing

    1. Go to Organization Settings > Integration > CRM and click Configure on the Salesforce tile.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To manually sync the account, click the Sync mceclip1.png icon.
      • To configure automatic syncing of the account, you can specify the Sync Interval in Hours, Minutes or Days.
    3. Click Submit.

    Project Level Syncing

    1. Click the About tab of the project.
    2. Click the Sync mceclip2.png icon to manually sync data from Salesforce.

  • Essentials features are subscription-based and may not be available for all users. Contact your account manager, or, for more details.

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