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Responsive API Authentication


To use Responsive APIs, you need to provide a security token in your request. Responsive API authentication offers a straightforward and secure method of user authentication, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access the resources they're entitled to use. This feature strengthens the platform's security, safeguarding sensitive user data from any malicious attacks.

API requests received by Responsive use token-based authentication to identify and secure the connection. This token, otherwise called a bearer token can be generated from the Your Account page in Responsive.

Generating API Tokens

  1. Click your avatar on the top-right and select My Account.
  2. To generate a new token, go to the Integrations tab > API Tokens section and click Generate API Token in the Responsive API Token section.
    Note: Contact your account manager or customer success manager if you don’t see the Responsive API Token section.
  3. When you are prompted to copy and store the token, click GOT IT! to do away with the dialog and view the token.
  4. Click the Copy icon beside the token to copy it.
    Note: For security reasons, the token is displayed until you navigate away from the page or the page is refreshed.

    • The generated token is associated with the user's account and is valid until another token is generated. For secure access, this token should be included in the header of every API request.
    • For instance, when using Postman, you need to input the token as the value for the Authorization key within the Headers tab as shown below:
      API - Authentication - Token.png

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