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Glossary of App Launcher Framework Icons


This article lists the icons used in our new App Launcher framework, helping you become more familiar with the application's visual language.

Icons are organized by module to make them easy to find.

App Launcher Icons

Projects Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Active Projects Project Templates Archive
Trash About Export
Answering page Sections Dashboard
Task Discussion Team
Documents Activities Clarifications
Time Project Notes/Obligations Linked Issues
Icons in Active Projects
Complete Project Archive Project Cancel Project
Clone Project Delete Project Save as Project Template
My Projects All projects Answer updated in Answer Library
Contains translated content  
Icons in Project Templates
Create Project Edit Details View Properties
Icons in Project Archives
Unarchive project Project details Delete project
Icons in Project Trash
Reopen project Archive project Delete project
Icons in Project Dashboard
Project due date Team members Pending Tasks
Hours spent Contact Admin
Icons in Project Sections
Auto respond   Export My section
All sections View by section View by imported file
Board view Answer report Manage Users
Edit section Manage subsections JIRA
Complete section View Properties View comments
Attach files Section preview Save as template
Update privacy Delete section Submit for review
Reorder sections Search and Replace Answer type template
Save to answer library Reopen sections Share response
Translate Deleted sections Project report
Project settings Update stage Save as project template
Merge tags Clone project Reassign to author
Icons in Answering Page
All questions My questions Previous question
Next question Action Expand all
Section View List View Grid view
Answering in progress Auto responded Attach files
Update Save in library setting Comments AI Assistant
Add questions View source file Add description
Reorder questions Merge tags View comments
Edit section Manage subsections View Properties
Section preview Save as template Update privacy
Auto Respond Flag Recommendations
SharePoint search Change to help text Change to description
Icons in Recommendations Pane
Search from Content Library Sort by Switch company
Expand all Collapse all Page view
List view Customize metadata Open in new window
Content Library star rating Used count Content score
Favorites Flag Properties
Edit Add alternate question Comment
Translate Archive Delete
Apply answer Override Copy text with styles
Icons in Comments Pane
Attach files Send message
Icons in Activities Pane
Answer edited Answer completed Question created
Icons in Clarifications Pane
Delete clarification Edit clarification Request clarification
Comment Flag Attach files
Icons in Tasks Pane
Start/End date Discussion
Icons in Merge Tags Pane
Apply merge tag Copy merge tag Manage tags
Icons in Project Notes Pane
Delete note Unlink question Comments
Icons in Tasks Page
Mark as Complete View properties Add to calendar
Icons in Exports Page
Make a copy View configuration Rename package
Send for signature Sign yourself Publish to Highspot
Save to OneDrive Save to Dropbox Save to Google Drive
Icons in Discussions Page
Resolve Rename Delete
Attach files Send message
Icons in Teams Page
Project Primary Contact Nudge Send message
Reassign Remove users
Icons in Documents Page
Refresh for signed documents Sign document Download
Preview Copy to library Send for signature
Edit in Presentation Edit in Word Sign Yourself
Set as void Move to
Icons in Project Clarifications
Import clarification Export clarification Add attachments
Add tags Comments Flag
View Properties Activities Edit
Clarification answered  
Icons in Project Obligations
View Properties Edit Pin obligation
Export Delete obligation Bulk delete obligation

Intake Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
About Documents Discussions
Teams Survey Pending
Accepted View Project Accept intake
Rejected View source documents Reject intake
No intake survey Delete intake
Icons for Intake About Page
View Documents Archive
Icons for Intake Documents Page
Preview Download Delete
Icons for Intake Discussions Page
Attachments Resolve Send Comment
Rename comment  
Icons for Intake Teams Page
Send message Project Primary Contact
Icons for Intake Survey Page
Add survey participants Remove survey participants Survey Dashboard
View Documents View Intake Details Filter
Retake survey  

eSignature Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Create Signature Template comments Add Documents
Add Recipients/Placeholders Add Fields Review
Search users to add as recipients Advanced settings Private Message
Enables authentication code Add new recipient Signature field
Initials field Date signed field Text field
Checkbox field Label field Email field
List View Thumbnail View

Content Management Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Library Moderation Review
Translation Archive Trash
Customize Facet/Customize Metadata Collapse Facet Expand Facet
New Content Insights Flag
Q&A Documents Sections
Catalogs Import file Catalog Structure
Comment Favorites Edit
Properties Owners Tags
Used Count Content Score Star Rating
Copy Link Sort Alphabetically Sort Numerically
Updates in Moderation Copy response Edit response
View Similar Share Activities
Translate On Demand Review Relate To
Clone Archive Delete
Manage Document version Upload new version (Document) Content Cleaner
eSignature Obsolete Content Collections
Bulk update Owners Other bulk options Translate
Compare and Merge Search and Replace Format Content
Import  Export  Deduplication
Export Used History Tools Standard view
Compact View Expanded View Bulk Download Docs
Manage Subsections Compare Cancel Review
Restore content Unarchive Edit Review Content

Requirements Analysis Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Document Analyzer Document Shredding Traceability Matrix
Responsibility Matrix Acronym Finder Edit Details
Export Shred New Document Delete Matrix
Icons in Document Shredding
Export PDF Source View Remove requirements
View Comments View Details Import
Add New Field
Icons in Document Analyzer
Export PDF Update Entities Divisions & Organizations
Countries Email Addresses Languages

Law & Legal Regulations

Phone & Fax Numbers States

Website URL's

More options

Icons in Traceability Matrix

Export to Excel Source View Remove requirements
View Comments View Details
Icons in Responsibility Matrix

Dictionary Updated

Details View


Export to Excel

Icons in Acronym Finder
Extracted Acronyms Export PDF

Templates Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Preview Download Edit
Deactivate Delete Tags

Proposal Builder Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Proposals Template Preview
Properties Edit Activity Log
Move to Draft Move to Inactive Move to Trash
Move to Archive Proposal Analytics Shared Proposal
Redraft Proposal Wizard for template creation Ready Proposal

Profile Center Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Profile Questionnaire List View
Card View Updates available in profile View Activity Log
Deactivate Profile/questionnaire

Delete Profile/questionnaire

Private Profile
Profile Shares Profile Views Profile Downloads
Mark questionnaire as active Add team members

Reports Icons


Description Icon Description Icon Description
Custom Dashboards Custom Reports Executive Dashboard
Content Library Dashboard Application Usage Dashboard User Report
Open Task Report Content Usage Report Email Report
Content Search Terms Report User Login Activity Report Obligation Report
Export Filter Saved Filter

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