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Confluence Integration

The Jira integration is a paid add-on feature and must be enabled prior to use. Contact your account manager, or, to enable it.

You can now integrate Responsive with Confluence, allowing you to search for content stored in your Confluence workspace.

This integration must be enabled in Organization Settings > Integrations. Once enabled, you can configure the Confluence URL and connect Responsive to your Confluence account. You can then add the Confluence spaces you want the content to be accessed from.

Once set up, you can search for Confluence content from the project questions, apply the answers, and add attachments from Confluence to your response in Responsive.

Configuring Responsive Add-on in Confluence

  1. Login to Confluence.
  2. Click Apps from the top navigation bar and select Manage your apps.
  3. The Manage apps page appears. Click Settings.
  4. The Settings pop-up appears. Select the checkbox associated with Enable development mode and click Apply.
  5. Click Upload App
  6. The Upload app pop-up appears. Enter the following URL:
  7. Click Upload. The app will be installed and displayed as shown below:


Setting up Confluence Integration

  1. From Organization Settings, select INTEGRATION > Collaboration.
  2. Click Configure associated with Confluence. The Confluence pop-up appears.
  3. Specify the Confluence Workspace URL.
  4. Click CONNECT TO CONFLUENCE. On successfully connecting to Confluence, the spaces available under Confluence will be displayed.
  5. Click Add spaces icon to add the required workspaces from where the users can conduct searches.
  6. Click SUBMIT.


Searching for content from Confluence

  1. In the Answering page, click on the three-dot menu associated with the question and select Confluence Search.
  2. The Confluence Search tab appears on the right pane.
  3. Specify the keyword and click enter.
  4. You can apply the response directly by clicking the Apply the entire content icon. You can copy and then paste the content by clicking the Copy the entire content icon.
  5. Once the answer is copied or applied, you can edit them if required. However, you cannot save them back to Confluence.

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